"Memories may fade away, but a picture lasts forever"
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My love of photography comes from helping my clients capture the most precious times of their lives and producing the individual's beauty in the most flattering way and capturing life-long memories.

How I view myself as a photographer to accomplish my goal to deliver those images is that I consider myself a photographer who directs a movie on the spot for each and every photo session. I need to quickly access my surroundings and capture my client's candid characters on camera.

Although lighting in my portrait photo sessions allows me to be more flexible and creative, I believe my ability to be able to pose my clients their most flattering and professional way
resulting in natural images makes what my photos stand out. As a former model as well as a runway instructor, I developed a keen sense of how to pose individuals.

My work is more than just clicking the shutter button, it involves hours finding the perfect locations, brainstorming, and hours of editing to make every little detail stand out.

Thank you for your interest and allowing me to share my dream with you.